NOVEMBER 15 & 16 2023


On September 2017 UN launched a major campaign endeavoring gender equality. The “Global Innovation Coalition for Change” has a remarkable goal: engaging women in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology by taking key actions to build a more inclusive market.

The initiative incorporates 22 partners, including Facebook, CISCO, Dell, General Electric, HP Inc., Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan, Chase, LinkedIn, Sony, SAP, among others from the private sector, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.

The alliance targets young women and girls, making them feel more welcomed on the innovation and technology field. During a two-year period, the global partnership is going to advocate for gender equality through collaborative actions to take down the gender gap in the industry. The Coalition is also set to research the barriers imposed to women on tech, aiming to identify and share good practices on the field.

Closing the gender gap is essential for any business to thrive. According to UN, GSMA estimated an unlock of 170 billion American dollars in market opportunities linked to more women in STEM-related fields.

The inevitable truth is that the actual gender-bias market is not only in the way of girls and women when it comes to reaching their full potential. Companies are also suffering a great loss by not closing the blatant gender gap.

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